About Us

Sirona Strategies is a proactive, strategic health care consulting firm that consistently delivers results for clients seeking to succeed and grow in an evolving health care marketplace. Our first-hand experience with the ACA’s implementation gives us an understanding of how policymakers think and react in times of transformation. We use this expertise to help our clients stay ahead of evolving politics and policy.

We are deeply familiar with the intersection of health care policy, politics and business. We counsel clients across the health care spectrum on regulatory, legislative and market dynamics that can be leveraged to best position them in a rapidly shifting environment.

Collectively, Sirona Strategies offers clients nearly two decades of experience in health care decision making at the state and federal levels. Having served in senior positions in state governments, Congress and the Administration, Sirona Strategies offers policy expertise, political savvy, business acumen and opportunities to be heard by Washington thought leaders and decision makers.