Proactively Helping Our Clients Stay Ahead Of The Curve

We do much more than recycle generic information.

We proactively seek opportunities to advance our clients goals and to identify potential threats. We’ll filter and review articles, zero in on priorities, and build an action plan with tangible next steps and deadlines for clients to execute.

We operate as your partners.

We approach our clients as if we are “in-house” members of the team. This requires an investment from our team and yours in order to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your goals and objectives.

As you know, threats and opportunities can arise on a daily basis in Washington. We believe in having open lines of communication with you so that we can identify those threats and take advantage of opportunities in real-time. Our goal is always to approach you proactively with issues, rather than being reactive and awaiting your call.

We make an effort to integrate with the teams of our clients rather than serve as periodic advisors.

We know health care policy.

We work exclusively on health care issues and believe that substantive expertise is necessary for effective advocacy.

Our team’s skills and background allow us to not only identify and filter issues of importance for clients, but to also serve as strategic regulatory advisors and effective advocates for our clients with key policy makers. Each person on our team has experience working for clients across the health care spectrum, allowing us to identify and develop strategies around pressure points in the health care system that might not otherwise be detected.

We work as an integrated team.

We believe it is extremely important to work as an integrated team that shares information, communicates and brings all of our talents and resources to each and every client. This is particularly important for clients who may be affected by the convergence of many different trends.

While we assign team members to be ultimately accountable to you on a day-to-day basis, every client has access to all of our resources and should feel free to reach out to any member of the team. We work quickly and proactively, whether it is due diligence, analysis, or devising complex advocacy strategies.

We have relationships.

We have relationships at the state and federal levels, as well at senior levels in the commercial sector from private equity to start ups to established companies. We work closely with many stakeholders, including patient groups, provider groups, think tanks, trade associations and more.

We’ll get you where you need to be.