Policy Communications and Development Strategy

Sirona Strategies works with clients to develop a narrative that resonates with policy audiences and to effectively manage their image and brand on the Hill and in the Administration.

We work with our clients to map the messages and themes that connect them with broader, well-supported themes in health care, as well as those kinds of messages that could be used in a way to undermine their mission.

Policy communications may include developing messaging maps and other communications materials for:

  • Speeches
  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Events
  • Other forms of promoting and socializing messages

Thought leadership is an important part of being influential in the policy arena as people and companies with profile on particular issues are often called upon to provide feedback on policy developments. Increasing the understanding of a particular company’s role in the system could help educate policymakers.

Have you considered what a communication plan integrated with your public policy agenda could do for you?

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