Network Development

Partnerships are a tool for establishing credibility, building support and forging alliances.

Sirona Strategies works with clients to identify potentially advantageous partnerships and facilitates introductions and collaboration.  We have a broad network of relationships including patient groups, physician groups, hospital trade associations, insurance trade associations, health IT coalitions and more.

We can assist with two kinds of partnerships:

  • Potential business partnerships
  • Third party partnerships important for policy making

We can help identify and/or provide strategic feedback on proposed new partnerships using our deep knowledge and expertise in the health care market, and the direction of new or proposed legislation, regulations and/or policies that may drive the market in the future. With regard to partnerships in DC, we have relationships with a broad range of stakeholder groups that can help reinforce client messages.

We work with our clients to identify and develop relationships with those partners presenting the greatest potential return on investment.

Let Sirona Strategies help build strategic alliances for your company.

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