Rate Battle Peaks as Advantage Plans Grow

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“No program can sustain year-over-year funding cuts,” said Krista Drobac, interim executive director of the Better Medicare Alliance, an insurer-funded advocacy group. Read Article

House Calls Mean Better Healthcare For Seniors In Medicare Advantage

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A lot has been written lately about the return of the house call. Innovative health plans, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking health systems are recognizing that house calls are a compelling example of how we can build a more integrated and technology-enabled health system that treats patients at the right time in the optimal setting. A recent… Read more »

Virtual Doctors Making Medical Board Really Nervous

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“Everything happening at the state and federal level matters right now,” said Krista Drobac, executive director of the Alliance for Connected Care, a national telemedicine advocacy group. “What’s happening in Texas is of keen interest to everyone in the telehealth world.” Read Article

Medicare Advantage Funding Could Be Cut

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In a Feb. 2 statement from the Better Medicare Alliance, interim executive director Krista Drobac said the cuts would only exacerbate the financial burden on enrollees who already are forced to pay higher out-of-pocket costs while earning fewer benefits due to previous cuts in the Affordable Care Act, according to a Bloomberg News Services report…. Read more »