21st Century Cures Creates New Opportunities To Impact Health IT Policy

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The 21st Century Cures Act (H.R. 34) is the most significant piece of health IT legislation passed by Congress since the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act became law in 2009. Although there has been some debate about whether the bill’s provisions will advance priorities like interoperability (for contrasting opinions, see… Read more »

Price looked out for doctors in health IT work

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If Congress passes the 21st Century Cures Act soon, Price, as HHS chief, would be responsible for implementing the bill’s interoperability and anti-data blocking mandates, noted Kristen Ratcliff McGovern, a lobbyist with Sirona Strategies. Read Article

Congress Moves the Chess Pieces

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Krista Drobac, of the Alliance for Connected Care, also shared tempered enthusiasm about a “great first step” given the constraints Senate Finance staff faced. She vowed to bring more information on savings — we’re assuming this is another reference to the CBO-inspired budget doubts about telemedicine. Read Article

How Disruptive Innovation Could Take Hold in Health Care

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We are rightfully enamored with disruptive innovation. Smartphones, Uber, Twitter, Facebook, Expedia, Amazon, et al. have made our lives easier, more convenient, and often less expensive. So why haven’t we seen digital technology truly disrupt health care? If ever there was an industry that needed to become more efficient, safer, convenient and cheaper – it’s… Read more »